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Podcasting is Better Than TV. Film At 11.

Sep 30, 2019

Over the weekend, it was hard to miss an ad campaign from Spotify that said that the best shows aren't on TV.  In the ad's visuals they showed a rotating list of podcasts you can listen to on Spotify. 

What I found quite interesting was that the featured shows weren't Spotify original podcasts. They were just the same...

Are Podcast Apps Part Of Podcasting's Problems?

Sep 26, 2019

As you know, podcast listening apps are programs your listeners use to listen to your podcast episodes. We, the working podcasters, make content. But that content is consumed (listened to) via the interface provided by various podcast listening apps. And as you also know, Apple Podcasts is responsible for something...

Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic

Sep 25, 2019

I know that it’s not easy to come up with an awesome title for your episode. I've worked in digital media long enough to know that titles are a challenge to write for almost everyone. But the internet doesn’t care how hard they are. Every piece of web content -- and the episodes of your podcast are web content --...

Less Old White Men In Podcasting's Future

Sep 24, 2019

For the culmination of my 10-part future predictions of podcasting that were first made in the inaugural print edition of the Podcast Business Journal, I’m taking on… well, me. And all the people that look like me. Because in the future, old white men will become less relevant in podcasting. And hopefully in...

Podcasting Spins Off Something Brand New

Sep 23, 2019

For episode nine of my 10-part miniseries on the future of podcasting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8), I ponder the spinoffs that will be a natural offshoot of podcasting. And yes, there will be spinoffs, assuming the past is a good predictor of future events. And it is. 

Back in the early aughts, the rise of digital...