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Podcasting Your Way Through The Coming Recession

Jan 30, 2020

It’s not a question of if but when the next big economic downturn hits. And it’s a certainty that podcasting will be impacted when it does. Here are four things you need to do now to survive the next crash.

I podcasted my way right through the 2008 financial crisis. But don't think that I'm some sort of financial...

Harder Podcasting Makes Podcasting Better

Jan 29, 2020

Congrats! You figured out how to make a podcast. But before you launch your training course or chime in with advice on public forums, maybe you should try your hand at even harder ways to make a podcast?

There are two ways to make a podcast: the easy way and the hard way. Most people who get into podcasting almost...

Planning For Better Podcasting

Jan 28, 2020

Great podcasting doesn’t happen by accident. Even good podcasting can be made better with a more deliberate approach. It’s OK if you don’t agree. Plenty of others are planning podcasting’s future without you.

The future is going to come one way or another. You get to decide what role, if any, you get to play in...

Better Podcasting By Living Up To The Hype

Jan 27, 2020

Your dedicated audience will forgive you for just about anything. But for the new and potential podcast listener, your lack of understanding of how they experience your content for the first time is limiting growth.

The way you make your podcasting efforts better is by living up to the hype. Word of mouth is...

No Pain No Gain Podcast Workout

Jan 23, 2020

Your local gym or fitness club is a good metaphor for understanding how people approach the craft of podcasting. Here’s how to keep your microphone out of the juice blender.

I recently rejoined the gym. It's not a brand new gym, but it’s a gym that's a brand new to me. I'm not going to name the gym, but if Los...