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Apr 22, 2019

Most of us get by just fine on our own. To make sure we stay on the right track, we regularly see "experts" for checkups. Doctors, financial advisor, and dental hygienists. We trust these experts to catch things we might have missed, keeping us on the path.

Maybe we podcasters need our own version of hygienists?

In this short episode, I make the case for that, offering up some tips on the kinds of routines worthy of examining in such a relationship. I have one client I do this for about every six months. And while it's not currently a core service, it might need to be. Given all the changes happening right now in podcasting, having a pro on your side to perform a set of subjective and objective tests on your efforts seems like a good thing. 

So... maybe a new service offering is in the making? Get in touch!

Also, I changed up the music and some other things in this episode. Let me know that you love it!