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Oct 18, 2018

Podcasting and punk share a similar origin story. Both "movements" had people on both sides of the equation wanting something different. The creators broke with tradition and created (often re-assembled from conventional products) content that an eager group of consumers couldn't get enough of. 

For punks it was music, clothing, lifestyle, and attitude. Eventually (or quickly, depending on your time-horizon) the mainstream picked up on the trend, and punk became fashionable. None of the true punks -- on either side of the equation -- ever wanted that. (Though I bet secretly, many did.)

Podcasting was that same way in the early days, with creators happily coming up with new formats, experimenting with new ways to tell stories, and re-mixing what conventional broadcasters had been doing for years. It didn't take long for that freedom and creativity to be noticed by the mainstream, and here we are less than 15 years later.

In this short episode, I explore how podcasts -- yes, even business podcasters -- should embrace the punk rock roots of podcasting to keep the creative spark. And maybe make a little money along the way.

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