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May 2, 2019

Facebook's pivot to privacy and 1-to-1 communication will clearly impact your podcast's presence on Facebook. 

In this short episode, I discuss how podcasters will have to adapt to this new world. It's based not purely on conjecture, but experiences I had with the Bangkok Podcast when we embraced 1-to-1 communications with our listeners... sort of on accident.

My recommendations focus on a single theme: this idea of a more intimate relationship was originally and today remains a key differentiator between podcasting -- where the first three letters stand for "personal on demand" -- and broadcasting (which follows a more spray-and-pray approach).

So while others decry the loss of organic discovery and rail against the need to pay their way to more views and engagement, you can start refocusing your Facebook approach as you prepare for this inevitable future.

And if you need help analyzing these changes for your business-focused show, I'm here to help.