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Jan 16, 2019

I'm speaking at several events in the coming months: Phoenix Startup Week, Podfest Expo, and Podcast Movement, with more coming. Plus some new workshops/seminars I'll soon be announcing right here in Phoenix

And that's got me to thinking about ways to convince your employer to send you to a podcasting conference. 

As you'll hear in this short episode, I have a love/hate relationship with conferences. I love my time on stage, plus all the time that goes into making sure I create an entertaining and engaging experience for the audience in attendance. 

But there's a lot I hate, like networking and dealing with pushy trade-floor vendors.

I don't say this often: Don't be like me.

You'll get (and hopefully bring back) valuable, first-hand information at conferences like these. You'll meet great people that can spark collaborations. And you'll learn what the future has in store, not just for your show, but for podcasting as a whole. 

I give some actionable tips in the episode. And deal with my own anxiety. Thanks for suffering through. And again, don't be like me. (In this very specific case, as least.)