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Sep 5, 2018

If you're considering launching a podcast for your business, you should be as serious about it as any other investment you'd make for your business.

Because to go all-in on podcasting -- which is very smart -- is certainly an investment.

There's more to podcasting for a business than just talking into a microphone.

Don't treat your planned business podcast the way that many companies treated their blog or social media platforms by tossing it to the interns (though I will concede that many smart people and happy accidents happened there).

If you want the best chance of success , you need to invest at least the equivalent of a full-time, senior level position, dedicated 100% on this new media outlet.

And trust me, they'll be insanely busy. Listen in and learn what needs to happen to take your business podcast seriously.

I make shows for professional firms that support business objectives. Visit for more info and ways to get in touch!