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May 1, 2019

If I'm feeling exhausted keeping up with all the changes in podcasting, pontificating about how our industry will change in the future... you must be near catatonic. Sorry about that.

In this short episode, I share some good news for all working podcasters: Disruption of an industry -- and yes, the podcasting industry is clearly going through a period of disruption -- impacts the industry. Not the end user.

So while there is good reason to vie for an early-mover position in some cases, most of the changes I talk about every day on this program won't come to fruition for months. 

You have time to breathe.

But you don't have time to be complacent. So I give you two tips:

• Don't stop reading. You can't play ostrich. For if you do, you'll be left trying to sort out six months of changes. Keep reading. Just don't react.

• Get your house in order. Some of these disruptions will likely cause you to change your processes and procedures in the future. You need a comprehensive understanding of what you are doing -- and why -- to evaluate the new best practices that will come out of all this.

But also... breathe. :)