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Apr 16, 2019

Here's a fact I live but often forget: Most people aren't looking for perfection. That's as true in podcasting as it in every aspect of life.

Earlier today, I saw a Tweet from the actor Jameela Jamil that illustrated this point perfectly (he said, ironically). So on this uncharacteristic episode, I lean into the love, which is the single biggest motivating factor for a lot of podcasts.

Not everyone strives to have a perfect podcast, just like not everyone strives to have a perfect body. Hell, most people don't strive to have a perfect body. But that doesn't mean they aren't proud of their show and actually put out effort to make a good sounding show. But those people care little about what self-purported experts (hi!) say makes a good sounding show. When you do it for the love of what you create, you have a different set of success metrics. And pleasing cranky salty old-timers like me isn't high on that list.

And that's OK. Because you're podcasting for you first, not me. (I think I needed to hear this today, so I said it myself!)