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Feb 4, 2019

15 years later, and podcasting is still a big joke to most people. That's likely an unpopular sentiment, but it's borne out by the fact that 75% of the US population still doesn't think podcasting has to offer them.

And as much as I love the Amazon Alexa "Not Everything Makes The Cut" commercial that prominently features podcasting, it's treated as a joke. (Yes, I'm aware the entire commercial was poking fun. I understand humor and its place in advertising, trust me.)

Of course, Spotify's recent announcement that they are trying to buy Gimlet Media for $230 million is most certainly not a joke, and could signal (gods, I hope so) a changing landscape. 

In this short episode, I'll go beyond the current-focused thinking and get into what an investment like this could mean for the future of podcasting. Caution: Wild speculation and wishful thinking ahead!