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Sep 13, 2018

I'm only being slightly superlative when I say that Panoply's announcement will lead to a distinct demarkation between the hobbyist and the professional podcaster. But isn't that what we have today? Sort of. But this is the proverbial straw.

Advertising on podcasting, well... sucks. It's more related to how broadcast ads are booked rather than digital ads. And that's just stupid.

Panoply thinks so, too. So much so, that they're going all-in on podcast advertising. They've fired their original content staff and turning the reigns back to creators who were on the network. Effective yesterday, they are the biggest -- and smartest! -- podcast advertising company.

Oh, and they also think it's stupid how we book podcast ads, too. They're taking it digital, and everyone else will be forced to play catchup. Because if they don't, the revenues that Panoply is uncovering will be unavailable to anyone else.

If you think there's big money in podcasting in 2018... just wait until you see what 2019 for brings for Panoply. Can you say exponential growth?

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