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Sep 26, 2018

Today I bring you a business opportunity, potential podcast peddler. No, it's not a multi-level marketing scheme. Because those suck.

This opportunity is yours, if you're an expert in any given field or an employee of a company that really should be podcasting.

In this episode, I'll tell you how you can steal money from the marketing or advertising budget to pay for podcasting.

Because if a company wants to advertises -- seriously -- across the top podcasts, it'll cost them about $25,000 to start.

Or maybe that company is thinking about paying someone to create the ever-popular "explainer" videos. Assuming they go for quality, it'll cost (see if you can guess) about $25,000.

With $25,000, you could produce 6-months to a years worth of episodes for a podcast for that company, with much greater legs than a month of ads or a couple of videos.

Free idea. All yours!