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Feb 14, 2019

Custom podcast apps -- a dedicated mobile app that's just for your show and your show alone -- haven't been widely embraced. In this short episode, I'll talk about why that may be changing in the near future.

While it's easier than ever to make a custom app for your podcast, they aren't all that convenient for most listeners. Put another way: there isn't an advantage to listening to the content in app.

But that might change.

If a podcaster -- or group of podcasters -- is able to create compelling content beyond their regular episode release, then an app can be a fantastic way to share that with the right audience. Audio. Video. Images. Documents. All of that is possible to share on a custom app right now.

But that's just scratching the surface. An app that lets listeners connect with the host of the show better and immediately. An app that lets listeners connect with each other, sharing information and building their own tribe. An app that truly makes a comprehensive experience. That's what the future holds.