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Oct 11, 2018

There are lot of myths surrounding how the major podcast directories help with podcast discovery. One such myth is that there are people and/or algorithms in place that notice when a new podcast is making waves. This myth goes on to say that when this activity is noticed, the new podcast is elevated to some big, prominent position.

Yeah, that's false. Flat out. False.

Still, its myths like this that cause people to attempt to "game the algorithm" with a variety of tricks. But those tricks won't work for two reasons:

  1. There isn't any algorithm to speak of. Nope. None. Just some moronically simple lookup rules. And they are so easy to game, they're pretty much useless.
  2. People don't "search" podcast directories the way they use search engines. So can we just stop it?

There are much more important things you should focus on, podcaster. And in this short episode, I'll tell you about them. You'll feel better. Promise.