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Apr 24, 2019

With all the attention and investment opportunities pouring into podcasting, you're probably considering upgrading your show so you can get some of that sweet cash. Or just more ears on your content.

In this short episode, I'll help you understand what sort of bang you can get for your bucks. I'll use the following directional budget-buckets to help you prioritize your plans:

  • $100 lets you hire an editor, either of your audio files or of the text that accompanies your episodes. 
  • $500 lets you hire a producer, which affords you the opportunity to upgrade from the basic, linear flow to something resembling a narrative podcast
  • $5000 puts a whole production team at your disposal, with a suite of professionals to help make great episodes from square one. You can also afford some solid marketing and PR.

As stated, these budget-buckets are directional, not absolute. Hopefully, they give you some guide-posts and reality checks to help you on your podcast upgrade path. 

(And if you need help with your business-minded podcast at any of those levels, reach out!)