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Jan 28, 2019

Modern medicine makes it easy for many to deal with chronic problems with acute solutions. "Take two of these" really does work in many cases. At least temporarily.

There's a parallel in podcasting, where one of the biggest chronic problems is listener growth. And many of the reported solutions aren't all that lasting.

In this short episode, I'll get into three commonly-used methods of getting more attention to you or your show:

  • Getting a big name guest on your show
  • Being a guest on a show larger than yours
  • Upping your social media/promotional output

Don't get me wrong. All of these are very good tactics to spur audience growth.

But just like paracetamol won't correct the fundamental problems with the musculoskeletal structure of my back, getting lots of clicks on a fundamentally flawed podcast -- quality, content, or site structure -- will only lead to temporary spikes in activity.