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Captioning Your Podcast With A Transcript For Those With Hearing Loss

Aug 20, 2019

This week’s miniseries tackles the topic of podcasting for those with hearing loss… like me! Before I get to some real, practical advice for all podcasters, I need to pull out and climb upon the soapbox for a moment.

That soapbox issue: The decision around whether or not to include transcripts for a podcast...

Hearing Loss, Accessibility, and Your Podcast

Aug 19, 2019

Over the weekend, I posted a Twitter thread imploring my fellow podcasters, specifically podcasters who make audio fiction, to consider the hearing impaired. 

For a lot of podcast creators, it was a bit of a bombshell. “Why would I make audio accessible to deaf people?” That does sound a little odd, until you...

Advancing Podcasting At Big Events - On Stage Or In The Audience

Aug 8, 2019

This week’s miniseries has been focused on a podcasting twist on a famous quote: Ask not what you can do to make your podcast better, but ask what you can do to make all of podcasting better. For the final episode of the miniseries, I’m turning your focus to podcasting events and enlisting you in the cause of

Becoming THE Local Podcast Advocate

Aug 7, 2019

This week, the focus is on what you can do to help make all of podcasting better. Today, we're going local with your own influence. And no, you don't have to have a locally-focused podcast to be a podcasting advocate for your local area.

There is great and largely untapped value in becoming the go-to person for all...

How To Be A Not-So-Pushy Podcast Pusher

Aug 6, 2019

Chances are, the people that you connect with each day probably know you're a podcaster. Not that I’m suggesting you become anywhere near as annoying as the crossfitter, vegan or atheist who walk into the proverbial bar, mind you.  But I am suggesting that you take the opportunity when it arises to spread not only...