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Feb 7, 2019

For all the buzzing from us podcasting insiders, speculation from tech reporting companies, and even financial media companies weighing in on Spotify's buying spree, we're not doing a good job of answering the question on most podcasters' minds:

What is the implication for my podcast, and what should I do right now?

In this short episode, I'll answer that question, as clearly and concisely as I can, with four primary points:

  1. Relax. No changes will be seen for weeks/months to come.
  2. Check to make sure your show is on Spotify. And if it isn't, fix that. (All of my clients' shows are already on Spotify. You're welcome.)
  3. Think about Anchor as a possible additional distribution point. (All of my client's shows are already on Anchor's platform. You're welcome.)
  4. While we can't know what Spotichor (yes, I'm totally coining that) will look like in the future, you should double-down on making the best episodes for your show as possible. Quality and attention to detail will matter even more than they do now.

Lots more details in the audio itself, so click play. It's less than 10 minutes. You'll love it.