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Jan 24, 2019

Remember when I said that podcasting would never get any easier? Well... what if I was wrong? 

While I don't think an army of robots will take over podcasting anytime soon, there are lots of ways in which automation is already making podcasting easier. I talk about a few in this episode, like:

  • Amazon Alexa's voice assistant that emulates a broadcaster's voice 
  • Automated content gathering tools like that apparently never die
  • Audio processing filters and software that save engineers gobs of time
  • Episode distribution was born from automation (and has been extended)
  • Why robots are better a placing ads that people don't hate

With those advancements come constraints. It's not easy to cross the uncanny valley, and it's often not a straight line from idea to automation. Check out the episode for my thoughts, and share you feedback with me (or the world!)