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Jan 31, 2019

This episode was inspired by a 6'4" Canadian discussing peeing on his knees in Thailand. And it's also about how to build a "loyalty program" for your podcast. 

For The Bangkok Podcast, they do that with their LINE business account. When they share content -- episodes but also special "quick-hits" -- they get feedback within seconds.

Is the following there as big as the social accounts for the hosts or the show itself? Not even close. Do the majority of their listeners follow the show on LINE? Nope. Is LINE a convenient way to listen to podcast episode? Not so much.

But (at least for this show) it's become the place where their most loyal fans directly interact with the show. And as the hosts continue to feed that channel with content other than podcast episodes, I predict a significant bump in word of mouth.

Listen to this short episode as I try to make sense of this trend and adapt it to many of my other clients. It's a work in progress, so your feedback is appreciated!